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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 17. No. 2, 2012

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2012;17;109-114

Original Article

Effect of Postoperative Topical Administration of Magnesium Sulfate on Pain Relief in Paediatric Adenotonsillectomy: A Randomised Controlled Study

S Vahabi, T Shoja, S Chaibakhsh, M Khak, N Saljoughi


This study aimed to investigate its topical effectiveness in post operative pain. One hundred and ten American Society of Anesthesiologist classes I and II patients aged 4 to 14 scheduled for adenotonsillectomy, were included in the study. In group M, the tonsillar fossa was packed for 3 minutes via 2.5x2.5 folded sterile gauzes saturated with 2 mg/kg of 20% magnesium sulfate (a NMDA antagonist) diluted with 10 cc normal saline, while for group S 10 cc of normal saline was used alone. The study showed a lower post operation pain score in group M in the 2 first hours after operation. Besides, analgesic consumption in the 1st and 2nd hours after the operation was significantly lower in group M, but it was not significant in the 3rd and 6th hours post surgery. Total analgesic consumption was lower in group M, while laryngospasm were not significantly different in the two groups and bleeding score was significantly higher in the first hour after operation. Topical magnesium sulfate in tonsillar fossa decreased post tonsillectomy pain in children.

本研究旨在探討局部用藥對手術後疼痛的效果。按美國麻醉醫師學會生理狀態分類,本研究共納入110名4 至14歲為第一組和第二組的扁桃體切除術患者。在M組,給與2.5x2.5重叠無菌紗布以2毫克/千克20%硫酸鎂(NMDA受體拮抗劑)配10毫升生理鹽水填塞扁桃體窩,維持3分鐘。而S組,只單獨給與10毫升的生理鹽水。研究表明M組在術後2個小時的疼痛評分較低。此外,M組在手術後的第一和第二小時內使用的鎮痛藥明顯減少,但在手術後的第3和第6個小時,其差異則不顯著。M組的總鎮痛藥消耗量較低,而兩組的喉肌痙攣沒有顯著分別,只是手術後第一個小時的出血評分明顯較高。扁桃體窩外用硫酸鎂能減少兒童扁桃體切除後的疼痛。

Keyword : Adenotonsillectomy; Post tonsillectomy pain; Magnesium sulfate; NMDA antagonists



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