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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 14. No. 4, 2009

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2009;14:279-281

Case Report

One Infant with Pertussis in Macau

Y Lee, KM Ieong, KM Lui


Pertussis is one of the causes of episodic cyanosis and apnoea in infancy. Early establishment of the diagnosis is important to minimise this highly contagious infectious disease. We report an infant presented to our department with cough and apnoea and was subsequently diagnosed to have pertussis. Seventy healthcare workers were involved and received the prophylactic antibiotics. Pertussis has not been reported for years in Macau and we would like to use this index case to alert clinicians' awareness about the potential resurgence of the disease in our locality.

百日咳是導致嬰兒出現發作性紫紺以及呼吸窒息的原因之一。儘早診斷是十分重要的,因可大大降低此高度傳染性疾病的擴散。我們報告一例,一名嬰兒因咳嗽和呼吸暫停就診,隨後被診斷為百日咳的嬰兒病例。共有70 名醫務人員因曾護理此嬰兒而需接受預防性抗生素治療。澳門已多年未出現百日咳病例,我們想用此病例提醒臨床醫生百日咳在本地潛在的再發風險。

Keyword : Apnoea; Cyanosis; Infant; Pertussis



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