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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 14. No. 4, 2009

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2009;14:252-259

Original Article

An Update on the Epidemiology of Childhood Diabetes in Hong Kong

Co-ordinaring Committee, Epidemiology Study of Childhood & Adolescent Diabetes, Hong Kong: KF Huen, LCK Low, pt Cheung, GWK Wong, wm But, eyw Kwan, yy Lam, cy Lee, LM Wong, KL Ng, awf Cheng, CT Tong, WHS Wong


Objectives: To update the incidence of type 1 and type 2 diabetes in children aged <19 years from 1997 to 2007 in Hong Kong. Methods: Retrospective population-based incidence study. Primary ascertainment: reviewing medical records of diabetes patients in all public hospitals. Secondary ascertainment: impractical upon implementation of personal data privacy ordinance in Hong Kong. Results: Type 1 diabetes: Standardised age-adjusted incidence was 2.4/100,000/yr for children aged <15 years. Significant increase in incidence rate was shown (Slope=0.11/100,000/yr; R2=0.40; p=0.036). There was a significant increase in incidence in 0-4-year age-group. Type 2 diabetes: Standardised age-adjusted incidence was 2.1/100,000/yr for 10-18-year age-group. Significant increase in incidence rate was shown (Slope=0.314/100,000/yr; R2=0.711; p=0.001), with a sharp rise after 2004. Conclusions: Standardised age-adjusted incidence of childhood type 1 diabetes remained low while that for type 2 diabetes was newly determined. A definite increase in incidence for both types was shown (1997-2007), with a trend towards younger age of onset.

目的:1997年至2007年期間,香港19歲以下兒童糖尿病I型及II型發病率更新。方法:回顧性人群發病率研究。初期確認:綜述所有公立醫院糖尿病患者的醫療記錄。次級確認:鑑於香港個人資料私隱條例,此階段的確認並無進行。結果:I型糖尿病:標準化年齡調整後15歲以下兒童發病率為2.4/100,000/年。發病率顯著升高(斜率=0.11/100,000/年;R2=0.40;P=0.036)。0-4歲年齡組發病率顯著急升。II型糖尿病:標準化年齡調整後10-18歲兒童發病率為2.1/100,000/年。斜率=0.314/100,000/年; R2=0.711;p=0.001),2004年之後急劇標升。結論:標準化年齡調整後兒童I型糖尿病仍然保持低的發病率,但II型糖尿病的發病率則為最新確定的。1997年至2007年期間的數據顯示兩型糖尿病的發病率明顯升高,有發病年輕化的趨勢。

Keyword : Children; Diabetes mellitus; Epidemiology; Incidence



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