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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 14. No. 2, 2009

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2009;14:103-107

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Long Versus Standard Course Corticosteroid Therapy for Nephrotic Syndrome in Children

ALT Ma, ETL Soo, PC Tong, WM Lai, KC Tse, MC Chiu


Steroid sensitive nephrotic syndrome (SSNS) is a common disease in childhood. Although most children respond to corticosteroid, relapse is a common problem. We aim to compare the effect of 2-month steroid treatment (standard course) according to International Study of Kidney Disease of Children (ISKDC) versus 6-month treatment (long course) on the clinical course of SSNS in a 1.5-year follow up in our centre. Medical records of patients seen from 1997-2006 were reviewed. A total of 46 patients were included in the study (standard course group=22, long course group=24). Patients treated with long course steroid had significantly lower relapse rate (33% versus 75%, p= 0.026) and higher percentage of sustained remission (p=0.0046) than that of standard course. None of our patients had significant growth retardation or hypertension. Therefore, 6-month corticosteroid may be preferable to the standard course for the initial treatment of SSNS in children.

Keyword : Corticosteroids; Relapses; Steroid sensitive nephrotic syndrome

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