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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 9. No. 3, 2004

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2004;9:240-242

Case Report

A Thirteen-year-old Boy with 'Idiopathic' Central Diabetes Insipidus

LM Wong, KY Lau, K Tse


Central diabetes insipidus is a rare disease in childhood and adolescence. This case report described a 13-year-old boy with polyuria and polydipsia for 2 years and water deprivation test confirmed central diabetes insipidus. Magnetic resonance imaging of brain revealed absence of posterior pituitary bright spot in T1-weighted image but otherwise normal study. The finding of 'idiopathic' central diabetes insipidus posed special challenge in subsequent follow-up in order to detect evolving anterior pituitary endocrinopathy. Also it is unclear about the frequency of serial imaging study of the brain so as to reveal possible neoplastic tissue. Besides, it is essential to disclose the nature of the findings and the follow-up plan to patient without causing undue anxiety.

Keyword : Central diabetes insipidus; Hypothalamo-pituitary region; Magnetic resonance imaging

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