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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 1. No. 1, 1996

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 1996;1:4


New Series of Hong Kong Journal of Paediatrics

Yeung Chap Yung, Chow Chun Bong, Lau Yu Lung

To commemorate the publication of the first number of this new series of the Hong Kong Journal of Paediatrics which has now become the official publication of the Hong Kong College of Paediatricians and the Hong Kong Paediatric Society, the editors have selected a main theme on paediatric haematology/oncology besides including other articles of special interest. Contributions have been invited from authoritative workers in the field to provide updated review articles on several important and locally relevant topics.

Readers will find in this issue contributions from reputed workers who have had first hand knowledge of child health issues in Hong Kong. Sir David Weatherall and Dr Nancy Olivieri have jointly written an excellent review on thalassaemia syndrome which is an important local child health problem. Professor CH Pui has written a most updated article on acute lymphoblastic leukaemia including many of his personal privileged data obtained at St. Jude, some data have not yet been fully published elsewhere. Professor Lin Hai-peng has given the readers soul searching philosophy for the management of leukaemia in children of this region. Professor TK Chan has thrown further lights on G6PD deficiency, another important local child health problem.

We are of course delighted to have many contributions from our own paediatric colleagues of Hong Kong covering a wide range of haematologic and oncologic conditions. This unique collection in fact would form a miniature "childhood haematology/oncology symposium" which is particularly relevant for local child health professionals.

We also welcome contributions to the "occasional survey" column which will serve to inform readers on issues of special interest. We are happy to include two papers to indicate the evolution and development of intensive care in China and Hong Kong. This may be of particular interest to readers overseas.

The editors and the editorial board welcome suggestions from fellows and members of the College and Society respectively as well as other readers. Your suggestions and comments will help to improve the quality of the publication in the future. We look forward to have the continued support not only from members of the two official organisations but also from the general readership and sister paediatric organisations.

Yeung Chap Yung
Chow Chun Bong
Lau Yu Lung


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