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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 8. No. 1, 2003

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2003;8:31-34

Original Article

Immunologic Aspects of Topiramate Treatment in West Syndrome Patients
Topiramate 療法在 West 綜合症患者中的免疫狀況

LP Zou, MH Zhang, N Zhang, SA Song, E Mix


Objective: To explore the regulatory effect of topiramate on immunological functions in patients with West syndrome (WS). Methods: Flow cytometric measurement of the proportion of lymphocyte subsets in peripheral blood and nephelometric measurement of the immunoglobulins IgG, IgM and IgA in the serum of 8 patients with WS and of 25 normal healthy infants before and after topiramate treatment. Results: CD4+ T cells and serum levels of IgG were increased in untreated WS patients and normalized after topiramate treatment. In contrast, natural killer cells were decreased in untreated WS patients, but increased to control levels by topiramate treatment. B cells and serum IgA levels were decreased by topiramate treatment. No significant changes were seen in CD8+ T cells and IgM serum levels of WS patients neither in comparison to controls nor in response to topiramate treatment. Conclusions: Topiramate normalizes altered immunological functions of patients with WS.

目的:探討 topiramate 對 West 綜合症(WS)患者在免疫功能方面的調節作用。方法:在 8 名 West 綜合症患者和25 名健康正常的嬰兒使用 topiramate 治療前後,進行流動血細胞計算測定外周血淋巴細胞次組比例和應用濁度測定計測定血清 IgG,IgM 和 IgA 水平。結果:CD4+T 細胞和血清 IgG 水平在未治療組是升高的,在 topiramate 治療後降至正常,相反,自然殺傷細胞在 WS 患者的未治療組是降低的,但經過 topiramate 治療後則升至對照組水平。B 細胞和血清 IgA 水平在 topiramate 治療下被降低了。在 WS 患者中,CD8+T 細胞和血清 IgM 水平在與對照組和 topiramate 治療比較中無明顯變化。結論:topiramate 使 WS 患者異變的免疫功能正常化。

Keyword : Epilepsy; Immunological function; Topiramate; West syndrome

關鍵詞:癲癇、免疫功能、Topiramate、 West 綜合症


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