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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 25. No. 3, 2020

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2020;25:148-158

Original Article

Knowledge Enrichment Would Enhance Hand Hygiene Practice in Early Childhood: An Observational Study in Hong Kong

HY Chan, ASC Lo, KHH Ma, A Lee


This study aimed to explore the current hygiene knowledge and handwashing practices among children, as well as to evaluate the changes in knowledge, attitude and behaviour towards personal hygiene after providing a hygiene thematic lecture. A pre- and post-observational study was conducted for case group and reference group. The participants were year-3 students around age 5 to 6 (N=251) from local kindergartens. McNemar test was conducted to analyse the changes in the post-test results within the groups. A test for analysing the proportion of positive change was conducted for cross-group comparison. Significant positive changes have demonstrated in the case group but not in the reference group. The percentage of fulfilling the recommended handwashing standard improved from 4.6% to 14.9% (P<0.001) among case group but dropped from 7.1% to 3.6% in the reference group. Children are capable to complete handwashing procedures as recommended but the proportion was still very low.

本研究目的為探究兒童目前的衛生知識和洗手習慣,同時評估提供衛生專題講座後的個人衛生知識、態度和行為的改變。對研究組和對照組進行前期和後期觀察研究。觀察對象為當地幼稚園高班的5至6歲兒童(N=251)。對各組的後期觀察改變結果進行McNemar檢驗分析。研究組有顯著正向變化,而對照組無此改變。研究組中,完成所建議的洗手標準步驟的百分率由4.6%改善至14.9% (P<0.001),而對照組中由7.1%下降至3.6%。兒童有能力完成所建議的洗手步驟,但比例仍非常低。

Keyword : Handwashing; Infectious disease prevention; Observational study; Personal hygiene; Preschool



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