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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 23. No. 3, 2018

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2018;23:239-241

Case Report

Seton Placement for Fistula-in-ano in Children

z Turkyilmaz, R Karabulut, K Sonmez, S Eryilmaz, V Tairov


Fistula-in-ano (FIA) is a common condition in infancy, often accompanied by perianal abscess (PA). Primary treatment approach is conservative whether it is PA or FIA. The most frequently performed surgeries in non-healing FIA are fistolotomy and fistulectomy, in which the recurrence rate is between 0 to 68%. Seton placement used in adult patients especially in intersphincteric fistulae in the treatment of FIA has been used in a limited number of studies conducted in children. It was our aim with this study to present our experience in three patients on whom seton placement was carried out in FIA by using the wristband part of the surgical glove. Recurrence was not seen in seton placements conducted in our patients. Operation time is usually limited to 20 minutes. Moreover, the material used as seton in our study was the wristband of the surgical glove, which is both cheap and easy to use. Seton placement used quickly and cheaply for FIA in children should be preferred due to no recurrence and incontinence.

Keyword : Children; Fistula-in-ano; Seton placement; Treatment

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