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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 25. No. 3, 2020

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2020;25:166-171

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Paediatric Patients with Gastrointestinal Bleeding: 4-year Experience of a Single Centre

D Altay, T Basarir Ozkan, T Ozgur, NU Sahin


Objective: Gastrointestinal bleeding can be seen in children of all ages, and it is one of the most frequent reasons for referral to a paediatric gastroenterologist. The aim of this study was to determine the demographic and aetiological factors of the paediatric patients admitted to our clinic with upper or lower gastrointestinal bleeding. Methods: This study included 150 patients who were admitted with upper and/or lower gastrointestinal bleeding between January 2010 and April 2014. Results: This research included 63 (42%) girls and 87 (58%) boys. The mean age of the patients was 11.0±4.6 years old. With regard to the aetiology of these upper gastrointestinal bleeding cases, Helicobacter pylori was detected in 25.3%, and 80% of the H. pylori positive patients were older than 10 years old. Fourteen (70%) of the 20 patients with peptic ulcer disease were older than 10 years old. Oesophageal varices were detected in 8 (5.3%) of these gastrointestinal bleeding patients, while 23 (15.3%) patients had drug use histories prior to bleeding. Twenty (25%) of the patients were diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, 4 (5%) were diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and 10 (12.5%) had colon polyps. Ninety percent of the polyps were localised in the rectosigmoid colon. Conclusion: Peptic ulcer disease was the most common aetiology of the paediatric patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding. The majority of the cases with lower gastrointestinal bleeding were diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease; therefore, ulcerative colitis plays an important role in paediatric lower gastrointestinal bleeding cases.

目的:胃腸道出血可見於所有年齡兒童,這是轉介兒童胃腸專科醫生的最常見原因之一。本研究旨在探索因上消化道或下消化道出血入院兒童病人的人口因素和病因學因素。方法:本研究範圍是2010年1月至2014年4 月期間患上消化道出血或/伴下消化道出血入院的150例病人。結果:本研究包括63例(42%)女孩和87例(58%)男孩。平均年齡為11.0±4.6歲。就這部份上消化道出血病例的病因學而言,幽門螺旋桿菌檢出為 25.3%,80%陽性病人年齡超過10歲。患有消化道潰瘍20例病人中的14例(70%)年齡超過10歲。在這些胃腸道出血病人中,食道靜脈曲張檢出8例(5.3%),23例(15.3%)病人在出血前有用藥史。20例(25%)病人診斷有潰瘍性結腸炎,4例(5%)診斷為克隆病,10例(12.5%)患有結腸息肉。19%息肉局限於乙狀結腸直腸。結論:消化性潰瘍疾病是上消化道出血兒童的最常見病因。患有下消化道出血的大部份病例被診斷為炎症性腸病;因此,潰瘍性結腸炎在兒童下消化道出血病例中是一個重要病因。

Keyword : Gastrointestinal bleeding; Paediatrics



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