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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 25. No. 1, 2020

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2020;25:65


Obituary of Dr. Sam LAU Sum Ping

M.D. (Germany), L.R.C.P. (U.K.), M.R.C.S. (London), M.R.C.P. (U.K.),
D.C.H. (London), F.R.C.P. (Edinburgh), F.H.K.A.M. (Paediatrics)
President of the Hong Kong Paediatric Society (1986-88)
Honorary Life Member of the Hong Kong Paediatric Society (1994)
Editor-in-Chief, Hong Kong Journal of Paediatrics (1989-94)
Member of Organizing Committee of the 9th Asian Congress of Paediatrics (1997)

Dr. Lau attended Pui Ching High School in Hong Kong and received a scholarship to study medicine in Germany. He graduated from the Munich University, Germany with distinction in 1970. Subsequently he received paediatric training in the U.K. where he gained extensive working experience before returning to Hong Kong in 1978. He was a teaching staff of the Paediatric Department, University of Hong Kong and Physician in-charge of the Neonatal Unit at Queen Mary Hospital and Tsan Yuk Maternity Hospital. His main research interests included Neonatology, Perinatal Statistics and Epidemiology, Growth and Lung Functions of Hong Kong Children.

He was Council member (1983-85), Member of the Organizing Committee of the 9th Asian Congress of Paediatrics (1997), President (1986-88) of the Hong Kong Paediatric Society, Executive editor (1984-88), Chief Editor (1989-94) of the Hong Kong Paediatric Journal and Member of the HKPS Child Advocacy Committee (1999-2018). There are more than fifty scientific papers published in international and local journals to his credit. He was a private Paediatrician since 1986.

Besides being a competent Paediatrician, Dr. Lau was also a well-known Classic Singer locally and internationally!

We are all sad that Dr. Lau has left us. To the profession, we have lost a great leader, a respected senior, a close friend and a great multi-talented colleague. To our children, they will forever miss this great paediatrician who has devoted his lifetime to the promotion of child health and children's welfare. He had indeed established a strong infrastructure for his successors to promote and demonstrated clear directions for his colleagues to follow. He will be eternally remembered by all of us at the medical profession.

Dr. Lau passed away peacefully at the age of 77 years old on 25th October 2019 in Hong Kong. He is survived by his wife and two children. Memorial Service will be held at 6-7pm on 10th November 2019 at the Universal Funeral Parlor at 10 Cheong Hang Road, Hung Hom, Hong Kong. To his family, we would like to convey our most sincere condolences. To the medical professionals, we shall forever miss him!

Dr. Chok-wan CHAN
President of the Hong Kong Paediatric Society (1982-85)
President of International Pediatric Association (IPA) (2007-2010)
Honorary President of Asia-Pacific Pediatric Association (APPA)
5th November 2019, Hong Kong.


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