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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 24. No. 3, 2019

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2019;24:158-160

Case Report

Cervical Thymic Cyst: Case Report

L Vučković, S Radović, N Sorat, A Filipović


Introduction: Ectopia of thymic tissue in the neck is well known, while the ectopic thymic cysts are extremely rare. Literature enlists frequency of cervical thymic cysts from 0.3% to 1% of all congenital tumefactions in the neck area. They are usually diagnosed in early childhood. Case report: A nine-year-old girl was hospitalised at Department of Child Surgery, because of the painless cystic tumour at the left side of the neck. After the performed diagnostic procedures, a surgical exploration was done. The cystic tumour was dissected and sent to histopathological verification. During the histological analysis of the cyst wall, in the part that was 6 mm thick, thymic tissue was detected. Conclusion: Cervical thymic cysts must be considered in the differential diagnosis of cervical cystic formations, especially in child age and publications of case reports are important in order of caution when cervical cysts are examined.

簡介:頸部胸腺組織異位元是眾所周知的,而異位胸腺囊腫則極為罕見。文獻記載了頸部胸腺囊腫的發生率,佔所有先天性胸腺囊腫的0.3% ~ 1%。他們通常在兒童早期就被診斷出來。病例報導:一名9歲女孩因為頸部左側的無痛性囊性腫瘤在兒童外科住院。在完成診斷程式後進行手術探查,囊性腫瘤被切除並送組織病理學檢查。在厚達6mm的囊腫壁組織學分析中檢測到胸腺組織。結論:頸部胸腺囊腫必須考慮在頸部囊腫的鑒別診斷中。特別是兒童的年齡和個案報導,可以提醒頸部囊腫檢查時考慮到該病。

Keyword : Cyst; Neck; Thymus



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